Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Power of Stories

KGSA students explore the new E-Book
Just months ago, the KGSA Journalism Club submitted their quarterly articles to their international magazine partner Global Journal Project.  Little did they know that someone would go on to read their stories and feel inspired to act... in a large way.

Thanks to an anonymous donor, the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy just received 100 E-Books with over 10,000 stories and educational tools uploaded onto them.  The donor worked through an organization called Worldreader who additionally conducted a two-day training with our teachers on how to use and integrate the E-Books into the classroom, trained the students, and organized a community kickoff party where family and community members were able to hear about this exciting new tool for their students.

Abdul Kassim shares a few words during the kickoff party
Of the 10,000 E-books the students and teachers have access to, their favorites so far are Let Me Tell You, a collection of stories written by Kenyan coastal girls and published by Storymoja, and Who is Barack Obama by Roberta Edwards.

Thank you to our wonderful donor and their family, thank you to Worldreader!

Watch Worldreader's promotional video featuring the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRCBUCRWMHE

More pictures from the day are below.

Community members in attendance

A classroom of very excited students

Parents learning about the E-Book