Monday, June 4, 2012

Linet is University Bound!

Linet Nyanchama grew up in the south-western part of Kenya in Kisii. In 1997, Linet and her family moved to Kibera when she was just six years old because her parents felt that the educational opportunities were stronger in the cities than in the rural area where they were staying.  Linet attended Mashamoni Squatters Primary School while in Kibera.  During that time, her father died leaving her mother alone to provide for the family.  When thinking of life after primary school, Linet never thought that attending a secondary school was an option. When asked about it she said, "I never thought I was going to go to secondary school because my parents I knew did not have the money. When my mom told me about Kibera Girls Soccer Academy (KGSA) I was so very excited. I was the only one of my friends at that time that couldn't go to secondary school. They all had sponsorships or parents with money." 

Linet (first in red from left) in 2006 with rest of class.
Linet was one of the first students to attend KGSA in 2006 and felt right at home.  "It was more than a school to me, the teachers and staff there helped us with matters outside of school.  Abdul helped us when we didn't have food, they advised us students in many areas," says Linet.   Abdul and the staff went on to support Linet and her family during another difficult period in her life when her mother died in 2008. "When this happened, me and my brothers didn't have a way to make money.  Abdul took in my older brother as a teacher as a way to give him a job.  We were able to buy food and pay our house rent after that."

Linet holding her acceptance letter.
Linet ended up taking her final secondary exams in 2009 and was not happy with her score.  She decided that she wanted to take them again.  In order to do so though, she would need to sit for her entire Form 4 year again.  This is exactly what she did and it paid off as she received a higher mark that would allow her to apply for a University.  

Still though, Linet did not have the money to attend University and started working in Kibera at Linda Primary School where she worked with preschool students.  At the time, Abdul and the Foundation didn't have the resources to support Linet's education but Abdul kept in contact and continued to keep her spirits up, he was determined to figure something out.  As the Foundation continued to grow and as additional resources and support came into the school, he encouraged Linet to apply.  Linet applied to the University of East Africa, Baraton and she was just recently notified of her acceptance!  In regards to Abdul, Linet said, "Abdul has such a big heart, he can help whomever. He has moved our whole family up from where we were.  He follows up with you, he knows always where I am, not many people do that.  I never thought that this was going to happen, I am excited that i will be seen as an important person in the community. If you want to succeed, you must have an education."

Linet will begin classes in August and will pursue a degree in education.  She would like to teach Swahili, Math or Science in a primary school and wants to work in Kibera.  The Kibera community has done so much for her she says, that she feels it is important to give back to her community.  Everyone at the KGSA Foundation are incredibly proud of you Linet, congratulations!  We are confident that you will go on to do amazing things with your degree.

You can donate to Linet's education and the KGSA Foundation at this LINK