Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hats off to you all!

You did it!  You all raised $3,260 for the KGSA Foundation and our StartSomeGood campaign that will bring Ellie Roscher to Kenya this summer to document the KGSA story.  Everyone at the Foundation cannot thank you enough for your generosity and support.  Without your efforts, this couldn't have been possible.  Thank you again.  We will be sure to keep you all posted on the developments throughout the summer and will follow up with each and everyone of you in regards to your specific gifts for donating.  Asante Sana!

Below is a list of the 38 donors (in no particular order) that made this possible: 

Jaclyn Carey, Jessica Hartnett, Dorothy Renstrom, Robert Fohr, Claire Bischoff, Shelly Talcott, Hannah Bernhardt, Jennifer Beilfuss, Debbie Wilson, Alison Brazel, Marc Ostlie-Olson, Maureen McGee, Adam Copeland, Janice Ramboldt, Brea Ellsworth, Daniel Ruth, Jacob Meyer, Michael Sarafolean, Gary Dickson, Tom Dawkins, Katie Rolnick, Jolene Goerend, Danielle Uliano, Mark McNairy, Erin Plachko, Anne Satterstrom, Joseph Riehm, Paul Ruth, Michael & Margie Roscher, Angie Keske, Robert Oxnard Bent, Emily Feig, Kyle Rolnick, Andrew Barron, Alex Grace, Bernadette Dodge, Mary Sarafolean, Alex Budak.